Added variational autoencoder Link
    Activation function refactor
      Activation functions are now an interface Link
      Configuration now via enumeration, not via String (see examples - Link)
      Custom activation functions now supported Link
      New activation functions added: hard sigmoid, randomized leaky rectified linear units (RReLU)
    Multiple fixes/improvements for Keras model import
    Added P-norm pooling for CNNs (option as part of SubsamplingLayer configuration)
    Iteration count persistence: stored/persisted properly in model configuration + fixes to learning rate schedules for Spark network training
    LSTM: gate activation function can now be configured (previously: hard-coded to sigmoid)
      Added Chinese translation
      Fixes for UI + pretrain layers
      Added Java 7 compatible stats collection compatibility Link
      Improvements in front-end for handling NaNs
      Added UIServer.stop() method
      Fixed score vs. iteration moving average line (with subsampling)
    Solved Jaxb/Jackson issue with Spring Boot based applications
    RecordReaderDataSetIterator now supports NDArrayWritable for the labels (set regression == true; used for multi-label classification + images, etc)

0.7.1 -> 0.7.2 Transition Notes

    Activation functions (built-in): now specified using Activation enumeration, not String (String-based configuration has been deprecated)
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