List of press articles on Eclipse Deeplearning4j.

A non-exhaustive list of prominent and/or interesting media stories about deep learning, with salient snippets.

  • Scientists See Promise in Deep-Learning Programs, by John Markoff; Nov. 23, 2012

    A program created by scientists at the Swiss A. I. Lab at the University of Lugano won a pattern recognition contest by outperforming both competing software systems and a human expert in identifying images in a database of German traffic signs.

    The winning program accurately identified 99.46 percent of the images in a set of 50,000; the top score in a group of 32 human participants was 99.22 percent, and the average for the humans was 98.84 percent.

    This summer, Jeff Dean, a Google technical fellow, and Andrew Y. Ng, a Stanford computer scientist, programmed a cluster of 16,000 computers to train itself to automatically recognize images in a library of 14 million pictures of 20,000 different objects. Although the accuracy rate was low — 15.8 percent — the system did 70 percent better than the most advanced previous one.

  • Facebook Offers Artificial Intelligence Tech to Open Source Group; Quentin Hardy; Jan. 16, 2015

    --A smart recruiting play by Facebook. They happen to retain patent claims to anything produced with this OS software.

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